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In its endeavour to offer its customers the best, at all times, PM has created PM Service,  a facility dedicated to after-sales care and management. In the two divisions, Spare Parts and Technical Support, our starting point is offering excellent quality services that guarantee punctuality, competence, and reliability. PM meets all its customers’ expectations by offering quality spare parts and accessories which ensure their crane is kept in good working order and maintains productivity over time. 


To guarantee full customer satisfaction, providing support and assistance through our constant presence and special attention to customers’ needs  -   this is PM Service division’s guiding philosophy.  PM staff are trained to get straight to the heart of the problem when handling requests for assistance and  orders for spare parts and accessories. PM’s technicians are always ready to act, at any time, providing the appropriate response or alerting  the nearest service centre to get them on the job.

To find out more about the after-sales service guaranteed by PM, please visit the specific areas:  Spare Parts, Technical Support, and  Training

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